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Trent and Shellie Monk of We Are The Monks, are a husband and wife duo who sold everything two years ago to live full time on the road with their two kids, Oliver (6) and Amelia (4). To minister (and homeschool) at every stop they make. They call their music soulful-acoustic pop, with a message. The message they want to share is the hope found in Jesus.

Now married ten years, “We feel truly blessed to tour as a family. For the most part, traveling with two kids is a joy!Ultimately, we feel we're right where the Lord wants us,” says Shellie.

Their music career partially halted due to COVID-19. They were booked to play Spring at the Silos in Waco, TX in March 2020 plus a full tour schedule after that. Then, the world changed and everything was cancelled. Occasional live stream concerts provided some income, however they had to get creative for the long term. They turned to their other loves: renovations, restorations, & carpentry. Being able to use these talents has not only proven to be another way to survive this pandemic, but also a possible new career path. “We’re not sure what the future holds for us,” Trent says. “Hopefully, it includes both music and renovations.”

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